Red Osier Dogwood

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Purple Coneflower
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Almost every day Greenfield students play in and near our unique garden. They're learning about science, math, and so much more! Native plants are an excellent addition to your home landscape. They require very little fuss, care, watering, or attention! They are hardy because they are the plants that are supposed to grow in Michigan -- they've evolved to survive without a gardener and to provide shelter and food for local birds and butterflies! To make a big impact, try one or two plants, see what you think!

Goldfinch with Blackeyed Susan
Suggestions -- Purple Coneflower and Blackeyed Susans are a pretty source of food for monarch butterflies and goldfinches! Red Osier Dogwood is a lovely bush with red sticks and white flowers that feeds butterflies and shelters birds! Oaks and Maples are native trees that require little care but add so much benefit to the environment.

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