Greenfield's Schoolyard Habitat is grown from native Michigan seeds to encourage native animals to visit the site. These native plants were chosen for their environmental impact, ability to thrive in poor growing conditions and durability for a child's garden. Natives aren't weeds; these plants have grown in the Michigan prairie for thousands of years, providing food and shelter for local animals. The plants' incredibly deep roots allow them to survive droughts and harsh conditions. They are slow growers -- plants grow roots down the first year, leaf the second year, and flower the third. Our garden just turned three so we are enjoying the beautiful flowers!

Students are welcome to explore! Classes are invited to observe, experiment, adopt the garden, fill the birdbath, share with others (please link to this wiki!)!

This is a garden for children -- durable plants, clear paths, open spaces. While we encourage them to stay on the paths when possible, feel free to touch and poke around a bit! They are welcome to harvest seeds for examination and/or to plant in the classroom (then replant in the garden or send home)!

Some of the Plants Growing In Our Garden...

Blackeyed Susan

Red Osier Dogwood
Indian Grass

Purple Coneflower
Wild Bergamont.png
Wild Bergamont

Golden Rod